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The Chimney Sweep (BSIT) provides a professional chimney sweeping service covering Central Scotland using both Traditional Rod & Brush, and Rotary Power Sweeping techniques.

You can have peace of mind with The Chimney Sweep (BSIT).

Most people don’t think about their chimney until there’s a problem. However, it’s important to have your chimney swept on a regular basis to prevent buildup of soot and creosote. Chimney sweeps are trained professionals who use rod & brush along with HEPA rated vacuum to clean your chimney.

Sweeping your chimney is relatively inexpensive and a good way to avoid more costly repairs down the road. Having you re flue cleaned extends its life. In addition, a Chimney Sweep can also inspect your chimney for any potential problems.

Why get your chimney swept?

A working chimney needs to be swept at least once each year. Every time you burn a fire, soot will build up in the chimney and may cause a chimney fire.  Too much soot poses a fire risk restricting dangerous gases from leaking into your home or business, leading to potential fume poisoning.

 Chimney Sweeping

  • Visual inspection of the flue and exterior flue, pot and cowl before starting.
  • The fireplace area will be covered with protective dust sheets and sealed.
  • The chimney will be swept in accordance with the code of practice and the industry standard.
  •  A type 2 draught test (Smoke evacuation test) will be carried out using a smoke pellet.
  • A  sweeping and servicing certificate will be issued.
  • This service takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour.
  • This will not be conducted by (Bert) Dick van Dyke unfortunately. 

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